Monday, June 6, 2011

Kevin Anderson-League of Extraordinary Gentlemen free Kindle ebook download

London, 1899. As the British Empire lies in mortal jeopardy, a top-secret initiative unites several of the most illustrious (and sometimes infamous) personages of the age: Allan Quartermain, famed explorer and adventurer; Captain Nemo, master of the undersea submersible Nautilus; Dr. Henry Jekyll, and his brutish alter ego, Mr. Hyde; Rodney Skinner, the Invisible Man; Dorian Gray, the ageless subject of a diabolical portrait; Mina Harker, surviving victim of the late Count Dracula; and a scrappy American secret agent named Tom Sawyer. Together, they form... LXG When a criminal mastermind known only as ""The Fantom"" plots to hurl the world into war, the League must race across the globe to foil the masked madman's insidious scheme. But they may not have reckoned with the traitor in their midst.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Jack DuBrul-Havoc free Kindle book download

On a stormy night in 1937, the German zeppelin Hindenburg cuts through the clouds over rural New Jersey. On board, a madman has traveled across the Atlantic bearing a safe holding a secret so terrible that it may change the course of history. His efforts to protect his cargo have led him to commit murder, but the most dangerous part of the journey still remains -- the arrival at Lakehurst Naval Air Station. In a moment of clear thinking, the murderer throws the safe overboard, thinking that he will return for it later. The conflagration at landing destroys that plan and the safe recedes into history.

Seven decades later, mining engineer Philip Mercer is in the Central African Republic searching for a precious metal used in the manufacture of cell phones. In the face of a mounting civil war, Mercer tries to help local villagers escape from rebel forces. Along the way, he meets up with Cali Stone, an attractive field researcher for the CDC. This particular village suffers from one of the highest rates of cancer in the world. All that saves them from execution at the hands of the rebel troops is the intervention of an unknown military force. Once back in the states, Mercer’s detective work leads him to the long-lost safe and the cryptic letter inside: Dear Albert, I believe I have succeeded. The element you seek does exist in nature. This letter launches Mercer on the most spectacular adventure of his career, one that will leave a nation in flames and a city in ruin, and reveal the truth behind three thousand years of legend. 


Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Trivopaedia Mobipocket Ebook Free Download

The ultimate encyclopaedia of useful trivia, the freeware Trivopaedia features a mountain of information, including airline codes, paper weights and sizes, Oscars, periodic table, wonders of the world, bible versions, football world cups, musical terms, how to remove stains, vitamins, kings and queens, presidents and over 200 other sections.


Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Sites to download free MobiPocket ebooks

I use MobiPocket Reader to read most ebooks on my laptop and I have come to a firm conclusion that it’s the best ebook reader that I have ever used. A great feature of MobiReader is that Mobipocket ebooks can easily be synchronized between the computer and reading device.
There are some sites where you can download MobiPocket ebooks free of charge: - It is a great resource where you can find public domain books. The site supports the download of these ebooks in several formats. Mobipocket ebooks is one of the formats supported in this great website. - This site has a huge database of ebooks on various subjects. This site support downloads in MobiPocket format. - Diesel Ebooks is well known for it's extensive collection of premium ebooks on their online store. Howvever, it also maintains a collection of over 400 free ebooks in Mobipocket format.I highly recommend you check out their website.
I will post more sites as soon as I lay my hands on them.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Welcome to Free Mobibooks!

I am an avid reader of ebooks in Mobipocket format. MobiPocket Reader is the most popular and also the most advanced among the mobile eBook applications. Mobipocket ebooks in prc and mobibook format are highly compressed and Mobipocket supports a wide variety of mobile devices including Symbian OS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry and a host of dedicated ePpaer devices like iliad and Cybook.
I use MobiPocket Reader to read most ebooks on my laptop and I have come to a firm conclusion that it’s the best ebook reader for smartphones out there. It works seamlessly in my Nokia N95 and Mobipocket ebooks can also be synchronized between the computer and reading device.
I will be posting exciting Mobipocket ebooks and dictionaries in prc and mobibook format from time to time on this site, so bookmark this site and make sure you visit it regularly.